“THE SEA GETS SICK BUT NEVER DIES” as does the wave that fringes and regenerates itself infinitely, in the same way today an owner, SYNERGAS Srl NAPOLI, is compelled to put in place all its professionality, efforts, experience and determination to achieve the goal to overpass the present world situation, this might also be reached with the help of a broker.

Chemigas has been requested to support Synergas by handling the commercial employment/brokerage of the vessels herebelow listed in full respect of the authority received.

We are more than convinced that making use of the well experienced collaboration with all the historical customers and also with the new ones, we will find a right strategy resulting in a common profitable future enabling to furthermore link the Owners with the Charterers.

Chemigas is at your disposal with the aim to continue and improve the existing commitments and promote new relations/business.

For good order sake, even if already known by all of you, pls note the Synergas fleet:
- 6 Semiref -48 c. of abt 4.000 cbm and respectively:
Syn Tabit
Syn Turais
Syn Zania
Syn Zaura
Syn Zosma
Syn Zube
- 2 fully ref -104 c of abt 9.000 cbm
Syn Acrab
Syn Antares

- 1 fully ref -104 c of abt 7.200 cbm
Syn Altair

The six semiref vessels since years are mainly employed on several C.O.A. but the T/C for a single vessel could be considered
The Syn Acrab the fully ref Ethylene of 9.000 cbm is presently on T/C
The Syn Antares the fully ref Ethylene of 9.000 cbm is presently on the spot evaluating possible T/C
The Syn Altair the fully ref Ethylene of 7.200 cbm is presently on T/C

We remain at your disposal
Giorgio and Filippo Piccinino
Chemigas Spa